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NWAC 2022




75th Annual NWAC Attendee Access

To access the 75th Annual NWAC Virtual Platform, follow the instructions below. 

Presenter access instructions are forthcoming, please keep an eye out for an email from NWAC organizers.

If you have questions, please contact

1. You will need to register for the conference in order to access the conference platform. If you haven't yet done so, please register here:

or by clicking the link below.

Quick Links

The NWAC 2022 Program is now available!

2. Once you have registered, navigate to the conference platform using a desktop or laptop computer. Login using the same email under which you register:

or by clicking the link below.

NOTE: Please use either Chrome or Edge, the platform is not supported on the Internet Explorer browser.


Download the Socio Event App to your tablet or smartphone. Open the Socio Event App that you have downloaded and login using the same email under which you registered.

NOTE: If you are still logged in to last year's event, please go to the 'Me' page, select the settings icon (a gear), and Log Out. Then, log back in using the email you used to register for this year's event.

Two video tutorials now available for NWAC 2022:

3. Set up your platform profile to help other conference-goers get to know you and to help you make connections with others.

4. Explore the platform features and check out which sessions in the agenda you might want to attend during the conference. (Keep in mind some components of the platform will remain under construction in the week leading up to March 9th.)

5. Savor the anticipation leading up to the opening conference event at 5 pm (Pacific) on March 9th!

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