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This design symbolizes family and future generations. When I think of a patlapa, I think of past and future generations of the matriarchs in my family. I was raised by my mother, and my grandmother was always around. My grandmother beaded many things, but what especially stuck out for me was a patlapa, or traditional hat. I would watch my grandmother beading and was always intrigued by what she was working on. I loved seeing her works in glass cases here and there as a child. Then I’d look up to my mother who also approached beading and other traditional creations with her view. Her own style on things was different, but that’s what I loved the most. I felt she was expressing her view and her heart through her beadwork. I would see traces of my grandmother as I watched my mother bead. Now, I see both of my sisters bead and make their own creations. Looking at them, I see traces of my mother. What I love more than anything is seeing my mother and my sisters bead and laugh together, hoping my niece will one day pick it up too. They’re all very strong, willing, and some of the hardest working people I know. I look at them and know that nothing but good comes from traditions and family. I like to think that they all have a heavy influence on me.
As a man and a father of two boys, I’m still figuring my place out in traditions, art, design, and how they all come together. As I keep guiding my own sons I hope I can bring to them what I learn from the matriarchs in my family. 

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2024 Logo Artist : Carlos Reynoso

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