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NWAC 2022

Student Paper Competition

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2022 Northwest Anthropological Conference 
Student Paper Competition



The competition is open to any individual enrolled in an accredited degree-granting institution (graduate and undergraduate). Competition contestants (see entry detail 4 below) will receive free conference registration and banquet ticket (banquet not help at virtual conference). All contestants are expected to attend the conference and banquet.


The winning papers will receive a prize and be included in a special NWAC 2022 Proceedings volume published by the Journal of Northwest Anthropology (JONA). Winning papers will be published in JONA as submitted, or if desired by the author, will be put through the JONA peer review process so that it can be considered a "peer-reviewed" publication.


Submit your paper title and abstract (which should follow the guidelines listed below) by January 14, 2022 and select your entry to the NWAC 2022 Student paper Competition on the NWAC web site at the following link ( Contestants will be selected from title and abstract submissions and notified by 5 pm on January 15, 2022 whether they have been chosen to compete. We realize that this is a different approach than in past years but believe that significant research can occur before these deadlines and that a conference-sized paper presentation can be produced from that research within a month's time with advanced planning.


Complete paper manuscripts (which should follow the guidelines listed below) are due by February 10, 2022 and should be submitted to the NWAC 2022 Student Paper Competition email address at


  1. Manuscripts will be submitted as both a PDF and Word document to the NWAC 2022 Student Paper Competition email address at

  2. Manuscripts must be written with the student as sole author. This competition is for students, but we recognize that many students work together and often have co-authors and collaborators from the communities in which they do their research. Advisors and collaborators should be listed in the acknowledgements for the paper but the final work should be the sole responsibility of the author.

  3. Manuscripts are not to exceed 7,000 words and should be prepared following the JONA Style Guide format (see link below). Figures and tables should each be referenced in the text and serve a clear purpose.  Figures and tables should be inserted immediately following their respective callouts in the article. Winning papers will be required to be formatted according to JONA guidelines for publication.

  4. Submissions will be judged anonymously—the author’s name and institutional affiliation should be removable from the manuscript in both the Word and PDF versions. Acknowledgements should not be included in the submission as this affects anonymity (if chosen as winning paper, you may include acknowledgements when your manuscript is published in the JONA NWAC 2022 Conference Proceedings volume). 

  5. Provide all contact information through the NWAC web page portal used to submit the manuscript.

  6. Judging Criteria:

a. Anthropology sub-field relevance of the research problem, question, or issue being investigated and clarity of objectives 25% 5

b. Originality of the research design (question and/or methods) 20% 4

c. Quality analysis and interpretation of data 25% 5

d. Quality of writing including concise and excellent organization, grammar, and appropriate citations and references 25% 5

e. Follow JONA guidelines; formatting 5% 1


Questions about submissions should be emailed to


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