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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the 75th NWAC?

Register here: https:/ Keep in mind attendees will need to use the email provided at registration in order to access the conference virtually.

How much are tickets to the conference? 

Free! Payment is not required to attend the conference; however, registration is required to access the conference virtually. Any donations are appreciated and will go towards offsetting the costs of the virtual platform.

How do I attend the conference virtually? 

To access the conference as an attendee, please go to and follow the instructions provided there. If you are a conference presenter, volunteer, sponsor, or vendor, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to access the virtual platform and review content or practice moderating or speaking.

When can I access the virtual conference platform? 

Platform access for general attendees will open the week before the start of the conference, which begins March 9th.  About two weeks prior to the conference moderators, sponsors, and vendors will receive email instructions about how to access the platform to review content, test the app, receive training, and perform dry runs.

I'm presenting at the virtual conference; how do I access the studio and/or practice my presentation? 

Session links and invitations for dry runs will be emailed to presenters about a week before the start of the conference.

How long do I have to present it virtually? 15 minutes?

What will the meeting platform be? Socio?

What is the recommended application for the presentation? MS PowerPoint?

What is the recommended number of pages? 10 pages?

Presentations are typically 15 minutes long with 5 mnutes at the end of questions. You can present live or asynchronous using a pre-recorded video. The platform is called Socio. It will allow you to upload Powerpoint slides and Powerpoint has the capability to record voiceover to a video-like slideshow. The page count is more of a question of what you can say in 15 minutes. For me, I aim for about 3,000 words of spoken text, which is carved out of a 4.500 to 5,000 word paper.


Will I receive confirmation of my registration? 

Yes, once you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 


What sort of network opportunities will there be for students and new professionals?

The conference committee is planning virtual social and networking activities for the 2022 conference. If there is a particular type of event you'd like to help organize or request, please contact The Association of Washington Archaeology also has mentorship resources: In the meantime they may be able to help get you in touch with people in the field to discuss career development.

What will the conference schedule look like? Is there any way that I could attend this conference without taking time off from work?

The preliminary conference program/schedule is available now on the NWAC webpage ( The final schedule will posted soon on the same webpage. The conference will be virtual again in 2022 and will be held between March 9 and 12. Presentations will be available to view for a short time after the conference as well. 

Are you in need of volunteers?

The conference committee will put out a call for volunteers in February. You can sign up to receive our emails at the bottom of the home page of our website ( 

I plan on presenting multiple papers and/or posters. Do I need to register separately for each presentation?

No, registration is separate from submissions. When you register, feel free to self-select Presenter from the multi-select dropdown in the registration form. You may select as many of the categories in the dropdown as are applicable to you.


I understand that the conference will be entirely online this year. Do I need to access the conference via app, webpage, or something else?

This year’s event will be hosted on the Socio platform. Socio can be accessed by both webpage and app. As of February 2022, the conference platform is still under construction. 


I have additional questions that aren’t listed in the FAQ, who should I reach out to?

If you have additional questions, please send them to

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