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This form is for general session papers and posters.

Do NOT use this form if you are participating in or planning an organized session. If you plan to participate in an organized session, please coordinate with your session chair to submit your abstract. 

Abstracts and Session Proposals are DUE FEBRUARY 9th, 2024

If submitting multiple abstracts, please fill out the form below for each submission.

Interested in proposing a symposium? Click the link below, fill out the form, and submit to

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NWAC 2024

General Session Paper/Poster Submission Form

NWAC 2024 Abstract Submission Form

Presenter(s) Last Name

Presenter(s) First Name

If provided, preferred pronouns will be displayed after the presenter's name
e.g., Beth Mathews (she/her, Antiquity Consulting)

Provide affiliation. Please use the full official name of the organization. Do not use abbreviations.

If provided, degree/certification will be displayed in the program after the presenter's name
e.g., Mary Petrich-Guy, MA (she/her; Hanford Mission Integrated Solutions)

Presentation Title

Presentation Abstract
Word limit is 250-words

Provide the names, pronouns  and affiliation of any additional co-authors on your paper/poster/presentation.  
e.g., Molly Swords (she/her, GRAM Northwest) and Sydney Hanson (she/her, WA Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation)

Presentation Format
Required. Choose only one.

Anthropology Subfield
Which of the four fields of anthropology does your presentation represent?
This will assist organizers with grouping presentations.

Not required. Choose all that apply.

Topic Keywords
This will assist organizers with grouping presentations.

Special Scheduling Request
In support of access, NWAA would like to accommodate presenter scheduling needs. Please let us know if there are dates or times that you cannot attend NWAC to present.

Student Paper Competition

Asynchronous Presentations
Please identify if you would like to have your presentation available asynchronously to conference participants. All live NWAC presentations will be recorded by default, and we would prefer to post the presentation recordings on the Socio platform for temporary asynchronous viewing on the conference platform for those who missed the live presentation.

Provide an email for organizers to contact you at.

Please note that this submission is NOT your conference registration.

Please visit the registration page here.

Abstract Submitted!

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