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The 2021 Northwest Anthropological Conference (NWAC) planning committee would appreciate feedback from our community on their NWAC experience and expectations. In 2021, we are working toward building an accessible and inclusive conference. Our conference will be hosted virtually which presents new planning challenges and we are reaching out to attendees to better understand and address accessibility concerns. 

This survey is anonymous. If you would like to speak directly with the planning committee,

please contact

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Northwest Anthropological Conference 2021

Accessibility Feedback Survey

Language Interpreter

Would the availability of a conference sponsored interpreter encourage your participation at NWAC as a presenter or attendee? If so, please share details. 

Internet Access

Will your ability to attend NWAC be impacted by a lack of internet access? If so, please share details.


NWAC 2021 intends to provide accessibility guidelines to presenters. However, we want to know if accessibility concerns might affect your attendance and if there is anything we can improve upon this year.

Will you require closed captioning for virtual conference attendance? If so, please share details.

Do you require/prefer a sign-language interpreter? If so, please share details.

Does color-blindness impact your ability to participate in conference presentations?

Please share other virtual conference accessibility recommendations/concerns with the planning committee:

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