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Session Proposals

A session is a group of presentations organized around a particular theme.

All ideas are welcome, with particular interest in those themes that

focus on inclusivity in anthropology.

If you are interested in proposing a session,

please fill out the form below.

Session proposal abstracts are due February 3, 2020.

Session participant abstracts are due February 18, 2020.

Is this session open to other presenters?
Do you already have interested participants?

Please view the session proposal abstract template below.

All session proposal abstracts should be uploaded using this exact format.

Please upload your session proposal below.

Any questions regarding session proposals should be sent to NWAC2020@gmail.com

Session Proposal
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NWAC 2020 hopes to disseminate session themes to promote the event and identify if other individuals are intersted in participating in a particular session.

Permission to disseminate session theme?

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