Call for Chairperson for

Virtual Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2021

The Northwest Anthropology Association (NWAA) board is calling for an enthusiastic person in the Pacific Northwest to serve as Chair of the Northwest Anthropology Conference, Spring of 2021. NWAA is the non-profit organization that helps academic institutions, tribes, cultural resource management companies and federal/state agencies to host the annual Northwest Anthropology Conference (NWAC) in the spring of each year.


Volunteer Position Description: the conference chair establishes a planning committee of volunteers (usually giving volunteers gratis registration) to generate a themed conference of presentations on anthropology-related topics (such as, paper/PowerPoint, poster, short films, and discussion panels, workshops). The NWAC planning committee sets the date of the conference, the number of presentations or presentation sessions and conference events. With a virtual conference for 2021, the NWAA board is looking for creative incidivudals to help us have an event but expect that the logistics will be different than a face-to-face or in person NWAC. The conference Chair will need to coordinate with the NWAA board to develop this first of its kind NWAC. Typically, the costs of the conference are pain for by the NWAA board, and those costs subsequently reimbursed by registration fees.


Support: the NWAA board has funds to support the virtual NWAC 2021 costs, much of which can be run through our checking account with some planning ahead. We hope to not create a financial burden for any group organizing the NWAC and expect that conference attendance will generate enough funds to reimburse the outlay of expenses to host the conference.


Deadlines: we need to hear from interested parties soon, so that a date can be set and then a call for presentation abstracts can be made. We are asking for any potential Chair to contact the NWAA board, adapt if you are interested so that we can further discuss and facilitate you hosting NWAC 2021. Please let us know if you are interested by December 15, 2020. 

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